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Our services & support

Leonardo Support

Our Leonardo Helicopter Support is a strong and dynamic activity from Lowland Aerospace, with a vast experience in supporting the aviation industry all over the globe. MRO’s, Operators and Governments rely on our service.

Helicopter Servo Support

If you say servo you say Lowland Aerospace. We aims to have the global most versatile solutions for your helicopter servo need. With the largest product portfolio for an very wide variety of helicopters we can provide solutions for your full fleet.

Beechcraft / Cessna Support

Lowland Aerospace is a authorized re-seller for Beechcraft and Cessna. We can provide you with spare supply, repair, exchange on all aircraft types under this umbrella of the Textron organization. Even a new aircraft we can assist.

Catalogue / products and services

Aero Supply is the online product catalogue of Lowland Aerospace. Here you can search and find a big portion of our products we sell, repairs we can do and ex-changes we can offer. You are also able to request a quote.

Leonardo Helicopter Support

Lowland Aerospace

Are you looking for a partner that makes sure that your helicopter is ready for his mission? Lowland Aerospace is established in 2014 by Koen Versseput. It is one of the leading and most dedicated companies globally for Leonardo Helicopter Support. Lowland Aerospace offers a versatile range of products and services to support the Leonardo fleet all over the world. Our partners benefit from a complete range of products and services that is consistently excellent, professional, and customer driven in order to ensure their successful and safe operation of their Leonardo Helicopter.

Highest Service Level

Lowland Aerospace has vast knowledge of and experience in the aviation industry. Our aim is to provide full support from tail to now on your Leonardo Helicopter. This includes as well operation support, technical advice and support on site. GSE and many more. All against competitive prices  and with highest service level and quality standard.

Thinking in Solutions

Lowland Aerospace offers possibilities to perform repairs, overhauls and exchanges on your components and installations. We can guarantee multiple year fixed and firm prices to make sure there are no surprises afterward. If needed, highly qualified and trained technician can perform onsite maintenance on your helicopter all over the world. Whether it’s he repair of a component, the supply of a spare part, or modification of a cockpit, Lowland Aerospace is keeping communication clear and transparent and is thinking in solutions. Our mission: Together we simplify(l)y

Our customers

Operators and MRO’s all over the world benefit from our services. A wide variety of civil operators such as for oil,gas and energy, aerial work and VIP transport, and private owned MRO’s do we support but also governmental organizations such as law enforcement, HEMS and the military all over the world rely on our services. To mention a few. Tokyo Police, Beijing Police, Swedish Forces, Malaysian Forces, Philippines Forces, Fiji HEMS and many more.

Supported Models

Lowland Aerospace is besides the OEM, the only private owned company in the world who can provide such a massive scale support on Leonardo Manufactured Helicopters. Lowland Aerospace is targeting the majority of the Leonardo fleet. This is for as well the civil as military variants.

  • AW119 (Koala)
  • AW109
  • AW169
  • AW139
  • AW189
  • AW101 (Merlin)

Support needed on the other models might be possible but will be determined on case to case basis. Consult your Lowland Aerospace representative to discuss the options.

Repair management and exchanges

Component repair

Prices and turnaround tiems are based on true and fair, current and historical data. We have capability on a large number of parts, no matter if its military or civil operated helicopter. Our main strengths on component level can be found in Avionics and Instruments, Hydraulic system, Landing Gear, Wheels and brakes, Hoist systems, Rotor blades, cargo hooks and Engines and engine sub components.


Are you not able to wait for your repair. Lowland Aerospace has often possebilities to offer you an exchange solution to reduce your down time on your helicopter. Contact your Lowland Aerospace representative to check the possebilities

(On-site) Technical Support

Besides our component repair capability we also offer the possibility to sent our highly trained engineers all over the world in order to perform maintenance on your helicopter where eve in the world. If its an engine failure or a broken gear our engineers are on its way to get you in the again as soon as possible.

Stock & Distribution

Lowland Aerospace has a large stock available ready for  immediate shipping. Besides our stock we have access to NEW and FN parts via many OEM’s. This varies from standard (electrical) hardware, lubricants to tools, GSE, avionics, antenna’s engine components and many more.

Turn your Surplus stock into Cash

  • Let us sell your Surplus stock;
    • Simple, let us know Part number, description, quantity, condition, certification and selling price;
    • Where needed we can assist;
    • Guaranteed best selling prices.
  • We buy your Surplus stock;
    • Immediate money for your stock;
    • Value of stock depending on condition and certification.

Together we simplyf(l)y!


Lowland Aerospace wants to be recognised as a reliable partner for Supply Chain Management Solutions, supply of, exchange and maintenance of components and installations for the aerospace industry and to aerospace related industries all over the world.


Lowland Aerospace offers and facilitate Supply Chain Management Solutions, products and services with the right quality, at the right time, at the right place for the right value.


Lowland Aerospace is an independent, reliable supplier, we are here to simplyf(l)y your supply chain of products and services.


Together with the customer and our partners we “engineer” the best suitable solution for your material demand. All designed to simpli(f)ly processes, reduce down times, guarantee your mission and reduce cost. We have a large exchange pool available in order to arrange direct availability of the needed component!

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